Damage Source

This component does the specified Damage to all IDamageable that qualifies for its condition. These are based on the mode and the duration of the damage source.


  • Volume: Does damage amount as long as the damageable is within the volume. Needs a Collider set to Trigger.

  • Contact: Needs a Collider (leave isTrigger unchecked). Important: don't forget to set your collision Layers accordingly.

  • Particle: Needs a Particle Handler and a Particle System with Collisions turned on. The component deals the specified damage when the target is colliding with the particles.

  • Tick Cooldown: specifies the time between two damage events. This is useful for dense particle systems where you don't want the player to suffer damage from each particle he collides with.

Important: Particle Mode only works with Continuous duration.

  • Ray: Needs a Ray Handler. This component deals damage when the Raycast from the handler hits its target, specified by Layer Mask. Can be used with all duration modes.


  • Once: the damage event is happening once per event.

  • Continuous: the damage is dealt until the collision is happening (for example, the player is within the damage volume, or in contact with the trap's collider.)

  • Tick Cooldown is the time (in seconds) between two damage events.

  • Controlled by Mechanism: the trap will only deal damage on certain Mechanism Events. Drag this component to an empty Event slot and specify an Action.

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