Trap Triggers

Use this component to create player interaction with the trap. You can create trigger zones that activate the trap when the player enters, such as a pressure plate. You can use this component in a more advanced way, like using a disarm box when the player presses the E key.

This component depends on a Collider, with the isTrigger parameter enabled.

  • Trap: drag and drop the trap that this trigger manipulates.

  • Action: you can activate, deactivate the target trap, or toggle between these two states.

  • Cooldown: how many seconds before the trigger would work again.

  • Tag: only trigger when a game object with one of these tags enter. In most cases, this will be the Player.

  • Interaction: You can allow the player to execute an action by pressing a button while staying in the trigger area instead of just walking into it. You can use Key Codes or Unity Input.

  • Events: You can use these events to make visual effects for the trigger or show/hide a UI element.

You can use this component without a trap, but currently, only the Activate and the Deactivate actions are supported.

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