This component organizes the different mechanisms into a single trap and activates them when it is triggered.

  • Start Mode: Selecting the OnAwake option will automatically activate the trap when the game starts. OnEvent allows you to activate with a TrapTrigger or directly from a script.

  • Sync: Uncheck this option to set an activation delay for each mechanism.

  • Mechanism: You can add or remove as many mechanisms as needed.

You can access the following methods and parameters from the code.

// Returns if the trap is currently active or not.
bool isActive { get; }    

// Activates the trap if Start Mode is set to OnEvent.
void Activate()     

// Inactivates the trap.
void Deactivate()

// Toggles between active and inactive states. 
// Can only activate if Start Mode is set to OnEvent.            
void Toggle()                

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